together PANGEA Fingerprints Show

by Sophie Pay

Together Pangea Acoustic Show at Fingerprints Music (Photo by Gary Pay)

Together Pangea Acoustic Show at Fingerprints Music (Photo by Gary Pay)

I went back to my favorite record store in the world, Fingerprints Music. It has been my go-to source for music since 2012, and I have so many good memories there, especially since I saw my first show there featuring the band, "Palma Violets". The atmosphere from that place screams of musical history from the bands that have played there.

This would be the second time I would see the band "together PANGEA", but this time in an intimate show. This was an acoustic show, something they rarely play at. Sadly, the crowd was not very large, as this was  same weekend that the World Series and Growlers Six took place.

The band came out and played songs off their new album, "Bulls and Roosters" acoustically for the first time. They played some of their fan favorites, "Badillac" and "River," the latter being my favorite song from them. One interesting thing that happened was when a group of girls next to me tried to start a mosh pit. The crowd surrounding them retreated in confusion: who moshes in a record store?. They eventually stopped after countless glares, but it was nevertheless interesting to watch. Overall, it was a very laid back show and I enjoy attending their shows occasionally. They were a nice distraction from the fast-paced world.