Ride "Tomorrow's Shore" EP Review

by Sophie Pay

Ride "Tomorrow's Shore" EP (Photo by Sophie Pay)

Ride "Tomorrow's Shore" EP (Photo by Sophie Pay)

After a two decade hiatus, Ride finally released their first album since their reunion, Weather Diaries. Shortly after, they released the Tomorrow’s Shore EP, a companion to the album. With a total of four songs, the band added a touch of modern production with the help of London-based electro DJ Erol Alkan. Notorious for their shoegaze sound, their new work has traveled to the electronic side of the music spectrum. No longer stuck in the 90s, the band has been able to produce more music that seems to be suited for the music world of today. The EP takes on topics such as humanity’s destruction, existence, space travel, and the point of return.

Their first song on the EP, “Pulsar”, starts off with transmissions from space and gradually builds up into a power pop masterpiece. The lyrics, “Like the summer always fades and the wind gets cool on your skin/ You know that something was, will never again”, represents the person’s realization that the feeling felt on earth will never be felt again because they are trapped in space. “Pulsar” brings about the popular idea of existence, space travel, and the longing for home. The song “Keep It Surreal” is full of harmonies and presents a fuzzy guitar solo midway through, with the haunting lyrics “surreal” repeated. The Song “Cold Water People” holds a very melancholy tone, with the person yearning for weather and all the joys of living on Earth.

The EP’s closing track “Catch You Dreaming”, is in the perspective of a person watching the world end. The lyrics, “In another time/ There were people here/ And it felt so real/ 'til it disappeared”, represents doomsday. The repeated lines “We've done nothing wrong/ It's just who we are/ No need to apologize/ Work it out this way” conveys this person’s acceptance of humanity’s wrongdoing and how it has caused the destruction of our own planet. This EP surrounds more of a psychedelic and calm atmosphere, with the repeated use of synthesizers.

6/10 stars

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