Brian Ishiba "How It Goes" Song

by Sophie Pay


Brian Ishiba is a singer-songwriter currently based in Tokyo, Japan and he says, These songs are little episodes in my life over the course of the past six months. They’re about feeling lost and dealing with my fears about the future.  They’re about accepting the things in life you can’t change. They’re me whining to myself.  They’re about saying goodbye. The EP is 100% written, recorded, produced, and engineered by Brian, which has proved that fancy setups and high budgets are not needed to create a great piece of work.   

The song "How It Goes" starts off with synths, guitars and drums that pleasantly go together, to create a joyful atmosphere within the song. Once Brian's vocals kick in 35 seconds in, the song reaches a pivotal point where the listener is deep in thought and transfixed by the emotions emitted to the listener. The feeling of being trapped in a world you know so well, is finally released when the guitar slowly comes to a halt. Brian Ishiba's lyrics are very relatable, which is why it pulls you in, everyone faces a point in life where you are confused, unsure about what you are doing.