Cloud "Wildfire" Song

by Sophie Pay

Wildfire Single Artwork.jpg

Cloud represents a mixture of indie bedroom pop and psychedelic rock. With their debut LP Comfort Songs and their follow-up album Plays With Fire which premieres tomorrow; it's something you can put on and enjoy on a cold rainy day and just travel to another world. The single “Wildfire”, starts off with a psychedelic breakdown and vocals, full of synths and drum machines. The song allows the listener to imagine themselves taking a joy ride in the midst of the chaos we call life, with the genuine feel of wanting to escape into a peaceful bliss. For the full experience put on some headphones and blast the song away, the synths travel from left to right and the music video is full of colorful visuals. 

Check out the music video for "Wildfire" down below.

Cloud Plays With Fire on Audio Antihero, premiering tomorrow!