Andrew Young "Forever Cruisin" Album Review

by Sophie Pay


Andrew Young is a singer-songwriter who hails from sunny Los Angeles, California.

Young’s debut album “Forever Cruisin” explores the emotions of relationships and the search for the unknown. The first track off the album “Again” has a heavy rock n’ roll vibe. Singing “I just want to make it right again”, is Young’s urgent call to mend a relationship. Throughout the album, Young emphasizes this idea in other songs like, “Blue” and “Right Now”.

The record is a journey that many individuals can relate to. The idea of not knowing the future may be scary, but it's the mindset you develop for yourself that pushes you forward. Everyone has gone through the ups and downs that comes with relationships, whether romantic or not. On  “Anything Left” the track is very relatable to those who have gone through the feeling that life moves very fast, and that people who were once close to you are now far away. When Young sings, “Does anybody hear me at all and if I fall will anybody catch me at all”, he calls out for his need to know that there is someone out there who still cares.

“Don't You Worry” is very unique as it starts off acoustically, but then journeys into a full band jam. The songs “I Think I Wanna” and  “Alive” bring a more upbeat and uplifting atmosphere to the album. The audio recordings added to “I Think I Wanna” makes the song more real. “Alive” is a stand out song on the album, taking a different route from the other songs, the upbeat dance vibes creates a fun song to jam to.

The seventh song off the album “No Words“ takes an emotional route. Stripped down to just acoustic and guitar, it feels as if Andrew Young is physically present with the listener. The imagery that he evokes helps the listener imagine every aspect of the song. Also, “Free Time”  another acoustic, layback emotional song helps brings the innocence of his voice onto his experiences.

The album ends with the song “Give it a Try” which explores the unknowns of life and the inexperience an individual has in the world. Young highlights the idea of taking a chance in life, just sitting back, and seeing what is to come as he sings, “just have to trust this process”.

Overall, “Forever Cruisin” takes you down a mix of emotions with some rock n roll, stripped down acoustic, and synthy vibes. Young explores the ups and downs of life, but keeps the message of living life to the fullest.

9/10 stars

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Photo Courtesy of Andrew Young

Photo Courtesy of Andrew Young